From the set : Patientiæ Triumphus (The triumph of patience) (Hollstein 120-127; Veldman (New Hollstein) 436-443).

Christ is seated on a globe, wearing a crown and mounted on a chariot, a reference to the triumphs of Petrarch, pulled by two lambs, each corner of which bears the symbols of the four Evangelists. He holds prisoner: Satan, Death, “Peccatum” the Sins embodied by a hybrid monster and a woman with mats supporting an orb on her head, the World.

After: Maarten van Heemskerck


Print before the addition of the address of Galle and the removal of the artist's monogram.

Hollstein: 127

The New Hollstein: 443

Good draw, slight redness, small gaps in the lower margin


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