Leymarie: 131 The so-called "drawing-style" engraving, by the eminently artistic character with which it reproduced the most graceful master compositions of the late eighteenth century, played an important role at that time. Several artists have contended, or rather have been attributed to various artists, the honor of this discovery, or at least of its perfection; we will nevertheless mention François and Bonnet as having pretended to be precursors in this genre. The first seems to have made only unsuccessful attempts; for Bonnet, he only came after the reception of Demarteau at the Academy, and moreover seems to have especially sought the reproduction of color drawings. Demarteau is therefore today considered incontestably as the inventor of this process. (in: THE WORK OF GILLES STARTER WOOL ENGRAVING THE KING PREFACE DESCRIPTIVE CATALOG OF A BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE BY L. LEYMARIE PARIS GEORGES RAPILLY LIBRARY OF THE NATIONAL SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS 53 BIS, QUAI OF GRANDS-AUGUSTINS, 53 BIS 1896)


  • Author : DEMARTEAU GILLES 1722-1776
  • Technic: Sanguine, impression en manière de crayon
  • Feature : Leymarie : 131
  • Légères rousse

  • Width : 215.00
  • Height : 260.00
  • Leaf width : 285.00
  • Leaf height : 343.00

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Tags: Seated soldier, seen from behind, leaning on his left arm, holding a spear, Mongolian costume, he shows something of the right arm