Complete suite of six framed prints (Blum: 1184-1189; Duplessis: 34-39) in a homogeneous edition, all with margins or margins with the exception of the Festin cut at the limit of the border.

-The Prodigal Son leaves the paternal home

Skillfully restored transverse tear, fine dubbing, tiny brown stain.

-The Prodigal Son in a bawdy-house, uncovered version

State II / III before the modifications on the panties of the man in the kitchen and the recovery on the hand of the Prodigal Son to make the board more "decent". On this piece the mention "du Roy"as well as the address of the publisher undoubtedly erased because of its scabrous character and re-established in the last version considered more suitable.

Two old traces of brown ink in the most nimble places.

-The Prodigal Son keeps the pigs

Tiny brown spot in the border.

-The Return of the Prodigal Son

-The Prodigal Son changes his clothes Two traces of pencil in the sky and on the column.

-The Feast of the Return

The parable of the Prodigal Son is the subject of almost the entire chapter XV of the Gospel according to Saint Luke. Bosse respects the letter but he nevertheless watered down the end as was previously the case with many other artists very inspired by this theme, such Dürer, Beham, Mérian (who was one of the masters of the Bosse) or Callot whose slightly earlier sequel maintains a discreet relationship with it. (cf.: Abraham Bosse, learned engraver, BNF, Museum of Fine Arts in Tours, 2004)

Each, at sight approximately 250 x 320 mm
With the frame 405 x 460 mm


  • Author : BOSSE ABRAHAM ( 1605-1678 )
  • Technic: Burin

  • Date : ca.1636
  • Width : 320
  • Height : 250
  • Leaf width : 460
  • Leaf height : 405

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