Beautiful print in old colors with the text on the back, slight uniform yellowing, short tear in the upper border, small scuffs on the back in the corners.

Reference: Nagler 1858-79 III.896

The typographical text on the prints identifies it as an illustration for one of Geiler's 'Predigt' books, most likely the "Brösamlein von des hochgelerten Keiserpergs tisch so er in vil malen pepredigt hatt" published in Strasbourg by Grüninger in 1517 .

It seems that most of the woodcuts were already used in other publications printed by Grüninger from 1510, such as the Plenarium (1510) or Geiler's sermons on the Virgin (1512).

Painter and draftsman of woodcuts, Hans Franck was active in Basel between 1505 and 1522. A contemporary of Urs Graf, he accompanied him in numerous mercenary campaigns, including the battle of Novara in 1515. He worked in Basel mainly as a painter wall.


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